10pcs/Lot Portable UV Light Sterilizer Wand Ultraviolet Light UV Sterilizer, Mini Portable UV led light UVC ultraviolet sterilizer wand


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2020 Newest Portable UV Sterilizer Lamp Stick Travel, Home Cleaner UV light Sterilizer, Healthcare LED UV Sterilizer

Model name UV001
Body material PC+ABS
Body Color white and blue
Rated Voltage 3.7V
Battery 1500mA
UVC Lamp 8 pcs
UVC Power 8-12mW
Wavelength 250-270nm
Lamp lifetime >8000h
Product size 20.8*4.5*1.3 cm
OEM service Accepted

What is UV Sterilizer?
UV Sterilizer through high efficiency and high intensity UVC Lamp irradiation. When bacteria, Viruses, etc. are irradiated with a fixed dose of UVC Lamp.
The DNA and RNA structure of the cell is destroyed, the cell Regeneration can not be carried out, so as to achieve disinfection and sterilization.

What does UV Sterilizer can do for you ?
1. UV Sterilizer can kill various microorganisms, including bacterial propagules, spores, mycobacteria,Viruses, fungi, Rickettsia and Mycoplasma, etc.
2. UV Sterilizer has low energy and weak penetration, and can only kill directly irradiated microorganisms. During disinfection, the disinfection site must be fully exposed to ultraviolet light.
3. Sterilize home beauty machine, tableware, and fabrics with ultraviolet light to properly extend the irradiation time, and each part should be irradiated.
4. The most suitable temperature range for UV disinfec-tionis 20 ~ 40。C, too high or too low will affect The disinfection effect can be extended, and the disinfection time can be extended appropriately.
5. When UV Sterilizer kill microorganisms, the irradiation dose should be increased. Airborne particles can also affect the disinfection effect.

How does UV Sterilizer work?
Ultraviolet rays have a molecular structure that destroys DNA in bacterial viruses, Causing growth cell death and regenerative cell death, To achieve the effect of sterilization and disinfection.

How to use UV Sterilizer?
1. lrradiation method: moving irradiation by close range.
2. Sterilization time: 1 min.
3. Two kinds of working method :
1) Turn on the side power button,pick up the sterilizer and align it with the product upright, put down the sterilizer and stop working.
2) Turn on the side power button, and press the round button for sterilization; Release the button and stop working.
4. Turn off the side power button when not use.


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