17 in 1 multifuntinal beauty salon equipment with hot steamer esence microdermabrasion skin scrubber

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17 in 1 Multifunctional Instrument

Microdermabrasion; vacuum; spray; hot steamer; ozone; magnifying lamp; woods lamp; essence; erbal; tool sterilizer; towel; warmer; ultrasonic; high frequency; skin scrubber; cold and hot hammer; galvanic; brush; suction massage;


DIY series beauty instruments have flexible combination and easy operation. You can choose different multifunctional or single function instrument according to your demand. At the same time,We provide two kinds of machines which havethe functions in common use for your choice.

Multifunctional instrument:DIY-1001 DIY-1000
Single function instrument:DIY-101 DIY-102 DIY-103 DIY-104 DIY-105 DIY-106 DIY-108 DIY-109 DIY-110

The specific functions are as follows:
High Frepuency
Skin Scrubber
Cold&Hot Hammer
BIO Skin Lifting
Electro Stimulation
Sauna Blanket
Diamond Microdermabrasion
Hot Steamer
Woods Lamp
Magnifying Lamp
Tool Sterilizer
Towel Sterilizer

Multifunctional instrument 17in 1 multiple beauty instrument DIY-1001

Ultrasonic instrument has two kinds of waves:
1. Continuous wave: this kind of wave is continuous and the intensity is fixed. This kind of wave is uniform and the effection of heat is obvious.
2. Pulse wave: this kind of wave is intermittent. The time of pulsing is very short. The ultrasonic function is suitable for any problem skin nature, with a simple and easy operation, it is the common instrument among esthetical professionals.
The ultrasonic functions can help the human body absorb the supersonic, transfer the sound energy into heat energy. It provides stimulation for human skin, accelerates the metabolism, circulates the blood and lymphatic, activates the deep inside cell and improves the defense system.

1. The ultrasonic helps to discolor, and reduce the damaged area.
2. Because of its massage effect, it helps the skin to absorb nutritions.
3. It accelerates the partial blood circulation, improves the metabolism.
4. It dissolves hypodermic fat, accelerates the absorption, causes to discompose the agglomerated excessive water
and fat, improve the situation of lower blepharoplasty and dark circles
5. It heals acne skin.

The high frequency electrotherapy is an important beauty instrument.It is through the glass electrode tube to provide high frequency current,and apply to the face,thus achieves the treatment result.

1. Accelerate blood circulation
2. Improve metabolism to help the skin breath.
3. Enhance the permeability of the cells to help the media penetrate into the skin.
4. Bactericidal anti-inflammatory and enhance the immunity of the skin.

1.Indirect Method:
(1). Please put the glass tube into the handle and tighten it.
(2). Please ask the client to hold the glass tube after touch some talcum powder. Turn on the machine and the
electricity will go through whole body from the hand.
(3). Beauticians do the massage on client’s face from neck to chin and from visor to forehead.
(4). Please adjust the intensity to 0. Make sure that the machine is turned off and pull the glass tube out of the
handle. This method is fit for dry nature skin and aged skin.

2.Direct Method:
(1). Please grease essence and cream on the face first and then the beautician hold the metal bar to put the glass tube on client’s face. Turn on the machine.
(2). Massage with the glass tube like Z or helix on client’s face, do the treatment as follows, forehead—–nose—- right side of the face—–chin—–left side of the face—-nose——forehead
(3). Please adjust the intensity to 0. Make sure that the machine is turned off and pull the glass tube out of the
handle. This method is fit for greasy nature skin.

3. Sparkle Method:
(1). Cover client’s eyes with a piece of the wet cotton patch and touch the face with the glass tube on the part of
inflammation. For one time, the treatment should be less than 10 seconds.
(2). It’s normal if there are sparkles come out while the glass tube touches the face.
(3). Please adjust the intensity to 0.. Make sure that the machine is turned off and pull the glass tube out of the
handle. This method is fit skin with sore, inflammation and wounds.

1. For the refresh skin, when use sparkle treatment, the skin should be covered by cloth to reduce the influnce of the current.
2. The peope with metal inside and pregnant women can not use it.
3. The glass tube should be installed at first then press the power. The current should be weak to strong. After
finished the intensity should be 0.
4. Before the operation the client’s eyes should be covered or ask the client close the eyes. When sparkle treament
one part should be within 10 seconds.
5. The skin with freckle is not fit for this instrument.

Working principle and functions of skin scrubber
Supersonic skin scrubber is most popular with beauticians among multiple instruments. Trials for long period ensure its outstanding effect on facial care. Penetration effect of ultrasonic gives skin massage as well as cleansing. Meanwhile deep cells get excited. With skin-care products. It can effectively remove spots, wrinkles, pimples, horniness layer and residue in pores so that your skin looks white, purified and elastic.

Operation prodecure
1.Start the power and plug the scrubber.
2.Treatment time set as 15 minutes first. The beautician can adjust the time by menu adjust too.(0-60mins)
3.Select the appropriate intensity by pressing menu selection and menu adjust .(1-9)
4.Select the appropriate mode by pressing munu selection and menu adjust.The machine is ready to work now.The
beautician can operate it after start the power of the scrubber handle.
5.Clean skin: Make the scrubber be a 45 angle with the skin surface and then move the scrubber towards (follow the
picture 3).
6.Ultrasonic: Touch the skin parallelly with the scrubber and move it backwards. (follow the picture 1 and 2)
7.When finishing, turn power off and cleanse the scrubber.


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