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Due to it’s great effect on beauty treatment, microneedling has been widely promoted and applied. But the traditional derma roller and serum are independently, while use, “smearing-rolling-smearing-rolling” will cause a lot of invonvenience and uneven absorption. How can we combine these two into one? Automatic import has become the searching direction for the beauty field all over the world.

Hydra Needle Roller is the latest high-tech product which combined derma roller and serum import. After years of clinical research, engineers use physical principles and 3D design, skillfully make each rolling of the roller to touch the hydraulic unit to make the serum automatically export, the serum will continuously and automatically import while rolling, and will be quickly penetrate and effectively absorb through the number of fine pipes which made by derma roller, so as to achieve whitening, replenishment, rejuvenation, wrinkle remove, freckle remove and the other effects. This product has won a number of patents, humanized design, no need smearing, simple operation, remarkable effect.

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