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Infrared Sauna Blanket Spa Heated Sauna Blanket Thermal Heating Blanket

Working Therapy(Far infrared):
The far-infrared slimming treatment can help increase basic metabolic rate (BMR), which is the fastest and natural way to lose weight. As the body warms, in addition to sweating, the blood thins and the speed at which it circulates around the body increases, while the body tries to cool itself down. The effect is to raise the temperature at the extremities of the body to the same temperature at the core of the body – a temperature at which body fat can be broken down. With three individual temperature control system, makes it possible to do customized programs for reducing fat at abdomen, waist, and leg. product can adjust the temperature at the range of 40 -85 and the blanket voltage is 36V.

Strong therapy effect
By absorbing the energy eradiated by Far Infrared Ray, it will promote the blood circulation in your body and therefore accelerate the metabolism in your body, discharge toxic element, alleviate pain, eliminating inflammation, relieve pressure and promote deep sleeping. Specially good for office clerk, elder person or weak person etc.
•Safety Even with our normal AC Power ( High Voltage )consumption
•Safety Water proof soft material with flexible tensile capabilities even in various sleeping position. ( UL specification )
•Safety The Heating wire is design to withstand any stretches or bends.

1) Lose weight, fast slimming
2) Accelerate metabolism
3) Promote nutrition absorbing, dispel tiredness
4) Physical therapy to cure muscle and nerve diseases
5) Remove liver strain and unknown pain
6) Diminish inflammation, energy renew

1.Safety-water proof soft material with flexible tensile capabilities even in various sleeping position
2.Safety-The heating wire is design to withstand any stretches or bends
3. Outside are top grade PU material,inside are waterproof PVC
4.Infrared dry heating
5.Three zone-temperature control
6.Throught controller to adjust the temperature from 40-85 celsius,The time can set up from 5-60 minutes
7.Three zone slimming blanket are make the whole of body to loss weight and exhause detoxin
8.With the sauna blanket,your muscles will be loosened and you whole body relaxes
9.Your blood circulates better and strain on your heart reduced,our capillaries are expanded while oxygen is flowing throughout our bodies.High quality thick PU soft material.


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