7D HIFU Face Lifting Equipment | Anti-Wrinkle Removal Machine VBT41

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Introduction of HIFU MPT

HIFU is high-intensity focused ultrasound , which concentrates the vibrational energy of ultrasound to one point and generates high heat of 60°C or higher to cause thermoprotein denaturation.

The main focus is on the fascia called SMAS on the face, which is said to be the cause of sagging of the face line, and there is no downtime on the skin surface. This is the first machine that makes it possible to approach SMAS, which was previously said to be possible only by facelift using a scalpel.

You can feel the firmness and tightening of the skin immediately after the treatment, but the power of HIFUs can be seen 2-3 months after the treatment. The heat stimulates the production of collagen, tightening the skin and improving sagging.

The conventional 7D HI FU is also a very good device, but in addition to the effects of 3, we have newly introduced the further evolved HI FU MPT.

The MPT model can shorten the treatment time and reduce pain, and the increased number of cartridges has made it possible to make even more ingenious shots.

The old model, applied heat to the tissue in dots to promote collagen production. Our new MPT also has a function to irradiate onto the dot, but the number of cartridge types has increased, and it has become possible to irradiate tightly, improving the lift-up effect.

The MPT can be used for linear irradiation (MP mode) in addition to the dot-shaped irradiation mode. It is now possible to significantly shorten the treatment time. The advantage of faster irradiation time is great, first of all, it reduces pain quickly. In addition, since energy is concentrated on the line, it can be expected that heat will enter and collagen production will increase.

Facial treatment
THE skin MACHINE can be done firm skin while pulling the muscle layer, thin face up to the progressive effect. What is SMAS? Lift operation at present by plastic surgeons do operation layer, the SMAS layer, which is (superficial musculoaponeurotic system, referred to as the fascia (fascia) SMAS) layer on the skin depth is about 4.5mm, subcutaneous fat and muscle.
Body fat removal Apply high intensity focused ultrasound, generate focused energy and go deeoer into the cellulite to break cellulite. it is an invasive, impressive and long- last effective tratement to reduce fat, especially for abdomen and thigh.

* Sagging eyelids
* Wrinkles around the eyes
* Puffiness under the eyes
* The risk of PIH (pigmentation) is also reduced!
* Skin quality improvement effect (firmness, pore tightening, tone up, turnover promotion)
* Double chin tightening
* Face lift up
* Forehead wrinkles
* Tightening effect, small face effect
* Tightening of face line
* Fat removal under the chin
* Fine wrinkles on the neck