808nm Diode Laser Hair Removal Equipment VBDL860

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Semiconductor lasers are stacked with ultra-micro semiconductor laser chips. The basic treatment principle is biological effect. The laser emitted by this machine is easily absorbed by colored hair follicles without damaging the epidermal tissue. The energy emitted by the light is absorbed by hair and pigments in hair follicles. After being converted into heat, the temperature of the hair follicles is increased. When the temperature rises to a certain level, the hair follicles will be irreversibly damaged. After a period of time, the damaged hair follicles will be removed with the body’s metabolism to achieve the purpose of permanent hair removal. Modern design, stable output, short exposure time, good effect of permanent hair removal, high safety.

Product Name Painless And Permanent diode laser hair removal machine
Wavelength 808nm(can be also made 3 wavelengths diode laser)
Function hair removal , skin rejuvenation
Volume 114*56*55CM, Packed by wooden case with EPE inside

Using Effects
Long-lasting hair removal, better than IPL and E-light; effectively remove hair on different parts of the body, such as face, underarms, back, legs and bikini line, effectively removing hair of various depths.
Effectively remove hairs of different colors and textures, 755nm is suitable for white skin, 1064nm is suitable for black or dark skin and 808nm for other skin.
Permanent hair removal, suitable for a variety of skins.
Non-invasive treatment method, high safety. It is painless and non-invasive, and does not need a recovery period, and does not affect normal life and work.