9/12/36/42 pins Electric Auto Microneedle roller DermaPen Dr.pen micro needle Derma Pen 52 needles cartridges

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1. Cartridge with finer needles—— result in tinier injuries; promote better skin absorption;
2. Arcuate needle cartridge—— to better match the skin surface.
3. Modified outer bayonet coupling—— connect with the device more firmly; more convenient to sterilize the needle cartridges.

Dr pen Feaures
* Ultima A1 microneedling pen is used mostly for face wrinkles, scars, stretch marks and facial lines.
* Using sterile, individually-sealed, disposable tips for optimal safety and comfort.
* The adjustable dial allows treatment that adapts to individual client’s needs. (Note: The maximum depth depends on your cartridge’s type)

Working Principle
1.Fully automatic micro-needle, a variety of micro-needle mode to stimulate the skin;
2.Charging or plugging, simple and fast.
3.Five gear positions, you can adjust the appropriate gear position as needed.
4.Accurate scale adjustment for optimal skin care.
5.Dual battery configuration, durable and uninterrupted.
6.Easier to operate than traditional microneedles;
7.The needle can be replaced repeatedly and used repeatedly to effectively reduce the cost.

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