A-1011 Skin Rejuvenation BIO Needle Free Virtual Mesotherapy Machine


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A-1011 Skin Rejuvenation BIO Needle Free Virtual Mesotherapy Machine

1. Ultrasonic Probe
2 .Nutrition Injection Probe
3. Freezing Lock Probe
4. Eye Injection Probe
5. BIO Wrinkle Dispelling Pen

Treatment procedure:
1. Skin clean:
Use facial cleanser to wash face.

2. Electroporation:
Use Electroporation probe make effect to skin. If the supporting product nature is water solubility, then put it into the Electroporation probe, if the supporting product nature is none water solubility, such as cream, gel, please smear it on the skin in an average way, then use Electroporation probe to make massage on the treatment part, in this way to open skin pore and cell channel, form electroshock hole, inject the supporting product to skin layer and ready for the treatment of electropenetration.(5 minutes for each side of the face)

3. Electropenetration:
Use Electropenetration probe make effect to skin, deliver the nutrition to cell membrane through electroshock hole (10 minutes for each side of the face )
4. Ice seal:
After injection of the supporting product, in order to avoid nutrition outflow and volatile, please use Ice seal probe to tighten skin and close electroshock hole. In this way to make sure nutrition completely absorbed by skin cell(5 minutes for each side of the face)
5. Eye beauty:
Connect the induction probe with eye probe, the customer’s hands hold induction probe, according to the treatment goal, apply proper essence, nutrition. The eye probe function can remove eye wrinkle, reduce eye pouch, light black eye circle. (The treatment time is 10 minutes for each eye.)

6. Facial mask:
After the treatment of needle-free mesotherapy, apply facial mask, consolidate treatment effect, calm down skin
(The facial mask time is 10 minutes).

Treatment symptom:
1. Improve face skin
Make treatment to oily skin, large pore, and thick epidermal layer—-cleanse skin and pore, break down lipid, smooth and contract pore, recover skin tender.
Make treatment to dark, tired, pale and dropsical skin—-activate skin cell, accelerate oxygen absorb, improve skin complexion.
Make treatment to loose, dry and wrinkle skin—-lift and tighten skin, water the skin in deep, stimulate the reproduction of collagen.
2. Eye care
Remove dark eye circle, reduce eye pouch, remove eye wrinkle, relax the tiredness of eye.
3. Slimming and body care
Reduce cellulite, slim body.
Fadeaway dropsical skin, improve vessel and lymph circulation.
After making the treatment of weight losing, the skin become loose, the treatment can tighten and lift skin.


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