A-814B EMS slimming device facial muscle stimulator

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A-814B EMS slimming device facial muscle stimulator

Product details
It has 10 paths pulse ports which can connect 20 pieces of electrode pad to different areas of body, with 6 unique function key and 12 groups set computer programs inside. No matter reduce fatness, slimming, exercise breast, the beauticians now can operate it free to meet the customers different demands. If to the customer with special demands, beauticians also can set the computer programs over 100 types by own to operate those special demands.

Program description
P1: to fit muscle release and remove muscle ache and pain, work as skin massage.
P2: to fit breast area, muscle on legs and arms string, and buttocks and udders upgrade.
P3: to fit bionic movement (string drooping muscle, burn extra fatness).
P4: to fit reduce fatness, remove extra fatness cells through high intensional massage operation, to get slimming body.
Note: when to choose one program, the microcomputer inside machine will auto adjust the speed of operating to get best effect according to set program.
Warning: before operation, always first to check the 220/110V interchange button of machine to see if it fits your local voltage.

1.body and facial slimming
2.Wrinkle removal
3.Skin lifting and tightening
4.Blood circulation improving
5.Striae pregnancy removal
6.Skin rejuvenation
7.Moisture and skin revival
8. body sculpting, weight loss, decomposition, eliminate stubborn fat.


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