B-1219 Warhammer 40k cavitation slimming beauty equipment

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B-1219 Warhammer 40k cavitation slimming beauty equipment

1. The principle and function:
Use strong acoustic frequency hair gather injection of 40000HZ strong waves, speed vibration fat cells, fat cells and produce countless, puissant hit air is adipose cell, make fat cells that produce introverted blasting triglycerides decomposed into glycerol and fatty acids, free from RF frequency reaches 0.5 MHZ, deep treatment of skin, heated to supply oxygen and nutrients, strengthen cell function, improve the blood and lymph circulation, active metabolism, eliminate and soften the honeycomb, weight loss, and achieve organizational goal.

2. Function of Machine Unit:
1) Body slimming and weight loss.
2) 40K cavitation for breaking cellulites.
3) 5 MHz RF for dissolving fatness
4) Increase blood circulation and Promote tissue metabolism by RF heat energy.
5) Application area: Whole body
6) Use with slimming gel for body and wrinkle removal cream for face

3. Instrument function and treatment principles:
1) Strong burst fat, remove fat
Use strong gathered acoustic frequencies emitted by the strong sound wave head up 40000HZ sound waves into the human body can produce a strong knock-on effect and friction between the fat cells of the body movement of fat cells, can effectively burn calories, consumption of water cells make fat cells shrink, make additional room when the sonic cells produce a strong impact crack, instant blast cells, fat cells decreased, so as to achieve the effect of the removal of fat.
2) dissolve fat, lymphatic drainage, firm skin, enhance skin elasticity
With the most advanced RF technology and radio frequency energy in one, you can deep direct fat body, having excellence of targeted positioning RF output, so that the fat tissue in fast active state, produces heat friction heat of the cell body, so that the local temperature increased through the sweat glands, liver and lymph circulation to the body of excess fat and toxins from the body, to rejuvenation, enhance, tighten the other magic

4. Accessory and operating mode:
1)40K Cavitation probe(smooth handle)—1pcs
2)RF Body Probe(like brackets)—1pcs
3)RF Facial Probe(small)—1pcs
4)Plug Wire—-1pcs
5)Accessories shelf—-1pcs
6)Instruction—-Touch Screen

5. Handle Function:
1)40K Cavitation probe(smooth handle): Breaking down cellulite
2)RF Body Probe(like brackets): Hot and dissolve cellulite
3)RF Facial Probe(small): hot and dissolve cellulite, but suitable for small area

6. Instructions for use:
1)Use 40K Cavitation Probe to breaking down cellulite, Suggested Time 10-12 Mins.
2)Use RF Body Probe(like brackets) to dissolve cellulite, because it hot, so you must to moving, suggested time 10-15 Mins.
3)RF Facial Probe(small) it also dissolve cellulite, but adjust small area, such as the chin or arm, suggested time 10-15 Mins.
Note: Use every handle suggest make some loss weight products put on the dody, for example, gel, and woking with machine, the effect will be obvious.

7. Safety Accident (Safety aspects regarding the important content must comply)
1) instrument is a high precision electronic instruments, and placed in custody when, must not be in the damp place.
2) the apparatus all using automatic computer chip control operation is performed, so when in use, in the surrounding try not to use the high frequency electrical appliances, so as not to interfere with the normal operation of equipment. ( like electric coil, electric hair dryer, microwave instruments). If interference occurs, there are generally two kinds of phenomena ( A. Normal use when, suddenly halted B screen appear jumping ), general troubleshooting is power off, reboot device.
3) can not be beat, strong collision.
4) the host apparatus and parts in general requires regular cleaning and care, especially the main do not let water liquid into the interior of the instrument.5) if the long time does not use, preferably with a moisture proof and dust bag equipment overall protection, the best 15 days or so energized to work an hour, in order to avoid internal to the electronic device to damp the aging.

Parameters—- 40K Cavitation & RF Body Slimming Machine
Voltage 110 – 220V / 50-60Hz
Output Power: 80W
Cavitation 40Khz
Body RF Frequency 5MHz
Facial RF Frequency 1.5MHz
Screen 7 Inch touch screen
Materials ABS
approval CE
Package Size(cm) 50*39*26
G.W(kg) 21kg


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