Bioelectricity and Far Infrared Weight Losing Machine

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Bioelectricity and Far Infrared Weight Losing Machine

Model: 07-04H
Gathering the bioelectric and far infrared advantages, this machine functions more effective in weight losing. According to the different treating purposes, we designed the bioelectric wave into 3 types from low frequency to high frequency. The fast warm effect of far infrared ray can advance metabolism, promote the consumption of excess energy and fat. Compared to the other breasts beauty methods, model 556 uses the low electric frequency in breasts treatment to get a more effective and long-lasting result. There are all together 9 out puts, 8 for slimming, 1 for breasts enlarging and firming.

★ Accelerates Fat Breaking And Cellulite Reduction
★ Effective Skin Firming
★ Improve The Circulation System
★ Loosing Muscle Firming And Body Contouring
★ Muscle Stretching And Contracting Ability Improving
★ Facilitate Lymphatic Drainage And Toxin Excreting
★ Pain Relief
★ Breasts Lifting And Firming

Meas.: 106 X 52 X 45 cm = 0.25 M3
G.W.: 34 KG


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