C-209 High frequency galvanic facial machine


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C-209 High frequency galvanic facial machine

This beauty instrument has functions as: High Frequency and Galvanic. Each function has a separated switch, easy and simple to handle. Overcome the defect of traditional multifunctional instrument that with one function break down, all the others could not be used. The machine is with generous, elegant and portable design.

Main Functions:
High Frequency Electropathy
High frequency electropathy is a good assistant of healing the acnes. The high frequency current could infiltrate into deep skin layer, generate heat, and accelerate the blood circulation, help to absorb the nutrition and expel the waste. The heat could relax the tense nerves, help the dissolvent to infiltrate the skin, and regulate sebum production. It could disinfect and accelerate the wound healing.

Galvanic induct & educe
In accordance with opposites attract principle, it helps to induct the necessary essence which heal skin disease into deep skin and accelerate the absorption, meanwhile, it will educe the impurity.
The positive electrode will generate acid reaction, stabilize the nerves, reduce the blood supply, and strengthen the fibrous tissue. Mainly use to shrink the pole, prevent inflammation, induct the essence into deep layer and accelerate the absorption after cosmetic treatment.
The negative electrode will generate alkaline reaction, stimulate the nerves, increase the blood supply, and soften the fibrous tissue. Mainly use to treat aged or oily skin.

Name 2 in 1 Beauty Equipment
Appearance Portable Type
Dimension 34*34*21cm(10pcs)
Voltage 220V/110V, 50Hz/60Hz
Output 40W
Weight 2KG


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