D-H810 Face Lifting Tightening Skin Care Cieansing Mini Ultrasonic Facial Massager


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D-H810 Face Lifting Tightening Skin Care Cieansing Mini Ultrasonic Facial Massager

Feature & Function:
1.Beauty skin : Eliminate wrinkles, spots and skin rejuvenation;
2.Body slimming;
3.Ultrasonic deep cleaning;
4.Ultrasonic lead In nutrients;

Phototherapy has long history, the ancient Greek, ancient Rome people have been known that some simple diseases of human body can be eased or cured through sunbathe light.
More than 100 years ago, Denmark doctor NIELS RYBRG GINSEN Developed the first set of optical instrument, which is used to cure skin tuberculosis and the curative effect was salience. For this reason he won the Nobel Prize at that time.
The concept of “Photon Skin Rejuvenation” originates from the United States. Its original meaning is “Photon becomes rejuvenated in old age”. From the literal interpretation, it restores the youth and health by intense pulsed light (IPL). The photon skin rejuvenation is a kind of revolutionary cosmetology treatment program in the world nowadays. It adopts patented IPL technique, which can remove various pigment and vascular spot on skin without hurting the normal skin tissue, meanwhile stimulate collagen tissue to proliferate, restore skin elasticity, astringe pores, reduce wrinkles. In this way skin get overall improved, showing luster. It provides a safety and non-intrusive method for different status of skin.

Light classification:
1. The sunlight includes a lot of lights of different wave-lengths, there are infrared light, visible light (imply red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, purple), ultraviolet light etc.

Different color light has different effect to skin:
(1) Red light (R) – activate(wave-length 640nm)
(2) Blue light (B) – relax(wave-length 480nm)
(3) Green light (G) – parallelism(wave-length 518nm)
(4) Purple light (R+B) – drain(wave-length 640nm)
(5) Yellow light (R+G) – protection(wave-length 590nm)
(6) Cyan light (G+B) – luminous(wave-length 640nm)
(7) White light(R+G+B) – ducting(wave-length 510nm)

IPL photon releases 400nm-2000nm wavelength light. (It means visible light mix with a small amount of infrared ray.)It is far better than sunlight, because it doesn’t contain ultraviolet ray. Neither will it burn/tan the skin, nor will cause skin cancer or will hurt the eyes. It is also much better than laser since its wavelength is longer than laser. Hence its penetrability is better. Not like laser which only focus on one point, it covers the whole treatment area with mild energy. The small amount of infrared ray will increase temperature of 1-3°C, which is quite safe.
Ultrasonic waves, which produced by high frequency vibration of 1 million times per second, have deep penetrability. When human body absorb the ultrasonic waves, the sound energy can convert into heat energy, which can gently and imperceptibly massage skin cells under warm heat effect, promote capillary blood circulation, accelerate metabolism to absorb nutrition, improve immune system, activate skin cells and restrain germs’ breed.

Voltage 110V/220V
Output voltage DC-15V
Frequency 50-60HZ
Output frequency 10W
G.W. 0.5kg
Package 21x18x7cm

Treatment Range
1.Stimulate Cell Metabolism, store energy for the cells.
2.Helps collagen fiber replication.
3.Skin Rejuvenation and lifting.
4. Body Slimming .

7 color led different wavelength combined
– Red Light: Activate (640nm Wave Length)
– Blue Light: Relieve (480nm Wave Length)
– Green Light: Parallel (518nm Wave Length)
– Purple Light(R+B): Anhydrate (640nm)
– Yellow Light(R+G): Protect (590nm Wave Length)
– Green&Blue Light(G+B): Shine your skin (640nm Wave Length)
– White(R+B+G) Light: Lead-in (510nm Wave Length)

Product advantage:
1. 7 colors pulse ultrasonic;
2. portable hand hold ,easy operate;

Product packaging
1.Product size :5.3*3.5*15.8 cm
2.Packaging size: 20*17*6 cm


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