DIY-104 Cold & Hot Skin Treatment device, Facial Care Beauty device

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Cold and hot treatment instrument ( beauty instrument; skin care instrument; facial care instrument)

Cold & Hot Hammer becomes hot after the year 2000, which is a high technology product in beauty industry. It employs the technology of medical appliance thus is reliable and safe for treatment. The cold function could cool and lift skin, reduce skin wrinkle, make skin tender. The hot function can activate cell, accelerate circulation of blood and lymph, relief pain.

Product treatment range
The cold function is for the following:
Cool skin after doing microdermabrasion to skin.
Cool sensitive skin.
The hot function is for the following:
Strengthen the absorbing ability of skin.
Improve skin colour.

A. Basic face care direction:
The operation order should be from the central part of face to the side,from down to up.

Massage method as the picture show:
1.From chin to ears.
2.From chin to nose.
3.From nose to temple.
4.From eye corner to temple with gentle move .Do not apply the treatment around eye area.
5.From the centre of forehead to the side.


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