EMS Microneedle RF Machine | No Needle Meso Mesotherapy Gun

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Multifunction RF + EMS Nano Mesotherapy Gun Machine
EMS composite biological wave USES special waveform combined with double radio frequency and single silicon wafer to act on different layers of the skin, making the product more permeable, breaking the new trend of needle-free water and light, solving the problem of skin absorption and effect, and achieving painless and non-invasive. Monocrystalline silicon: a tough material that has been refined to make the instrument smaller, denser and easier to hit Open skin channels. Composite biological waves:  can choose sensitivity and neutral skin, do not match the energy of each type of skin, professional, comfortable ‚ can be applied to the skin surface, shallow and deep, the energy will change according to the level of change (micro current: strong electric flu, uncomfortable experience during operation, and the customer is resistant. It only works on the skin epidermis and stimulates Passive absorption of skin shrinkage, currently not used in needle-free water light).

Style portable
Voltage 110V/240V 50Hz/60Hz
Power 36W
RF frequency 2-4Mhz adjustable
EMS frequency 1-2Mhz adjustable
Speed 100-600 rounds
Display 7 inch LCD touch screen
Warranty 1 Year
Technology RF + EMS + Nano Meso Inject

1. Face Lifting
2. Whitening Moisturizing
3. Skin Rejuveration
4. Vacuum Injection
5. Highly improve the forehead, temple, nose, eyes, mouth weeks light aging.
6. Prominent cheekbones relieved.
7. Plump cheeks.
8. Abundant lip.
9. Improve acne pit (atrophic scar).
10. Improve rough pore and neck lines, etc.


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