Far Infrared Ray Air Pressure Machine


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Far Infrared Ray Air Pressure Machine

Model: 07-11N

Combined with far infrared ray and air pressure, this machine functions more effective in body care and fitness theraphy. It helps to promote blood circulation, improve lymphatic circulation and metabolism. The improved inner circulation helps the body to discharge toxin, excess water and fat, reduce cellulite and keep fit. It can also be used as a therapic and massage machine to allay tiredness and pressure. Options of air pressure, treating modes, treating areas and temperature of far infrared ray can be locally selected. The air bags are made of environmental protection, light weight and durable materials to ensure user comfort.  

Package dimension:
(machine unit) 980mmx530mmx395mm
(accessories) 340mmx200mmx210mm
Gross Weight:
(machine unit) 25kg
Net Weight:
(machine unit) 20kg


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