Air pressure de-toxin, leg massage, metabolism improved FG-9102

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ITEM NO: FG-9102
FUCNTION: Air pressure de-toxin; leg massage; metabolism improved;
MEAS: 44*38*15CM

Air vibrant massager aims to promote normal flow of lymphoidliquid and sweep the body rubbish. Unlike vibrating by adhesivepiece before, it works by means of pressure depend on envelopes.With assist of the apparatus, beauticians adopt several basictechniques as circling and steering massage, so it can improve bloodcirculation and toxin excreted to make capillary passable Air De-toxin system( lymphedema compression therapy system) promotes the circulation of blood and lymph and make recovered patients leg or arm having various edema or troubles by stimulatingthe muscular organization by repeating the contraction-expansionprogram that pumps and deflates air through each chamber of the cuffthat exerts the pressure from distal to proximal of body gradually.Air De-toxin system has many models that have the various functionand the cuffs(pants, Leg, arm, shoulder, skirt) having 2-chamber,4-chamber,6-chamber or 12-chamber According to each model. AirDe-toxin system is a physical therapy appliance which cures thepatients with the unique program.

1. As it massages with smooth air pressure, there is no danger fromany electric shock or electromagnetic wave, and just give nice andfresh feeling.
2. It is made pressure and time of massage to be controlled accordingto user constitution and symptoms so that whoever can use safely dr.Life.
3. It is very portable to be used freely and easily.
4. It can be used partially (arm, leg, waist) for your useful anyway
5. It has the gauge that can check the pressure


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