Home Use Facial Deep Cleaning Diamond Micro-dermabrasion Machine VBG03

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Work Theory of Diamond Micro-dermabrasion
With the diamond grains in heads, Diamond Micro-dermabrasion, it’s the way to do on surface layer, making up the shortage of chemical way,through vacuum suction, grind the dead horniness and dirt Out from epidermis, improve skin status, effectively decrease tiny wrinkles, smoothen some scar like acne and uneven surface of skins. It makes skin more velvet and tender, stimulate epidermis rebirth, enhance skins elastic. ; It is the safest, most effective way of physical skin renewal. No pain, simple and no side effort. Use together with ultrasonic vitamin C, the function will be better.

Function of Diamond micro-dermabrasion
Through stimulating the epidermis absorb oxygen and stimulate blood circulation, promoting
collagen and elastin grow. It mechanically alters the epidermis and
invigorates cell renewal to create a healthy, balances skin surface. Minimization of blotchy skin
coloring. Reduction of age spots. Rejuvenation of sun damaged skin – face, neck, shoulders, back, arms and
legs . Extraction of blackheads and whiteheads. Reduction of oily Skin. Improvement of overall skin health.
Reduction of acne and superficial scars from past injury. Suit for any kind of skin, sensitive skin is also

Good Efficacy For: Face &Body
Aged tarnish skin without elasticity
Gravid wrinkles
Remove dead horniness
Fade tattoo and pigments
Wide pores;

Technical parameter:
Model VBG03
Vacumm 80Kpa
Power 100W
Voltage 110V-220V
Packing(cm) 33*43*30cm
Package Carton
Color Sliver