IB-2001 Body Health Preserval Beauty machine, Stimulate Lymph De-toxin

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The Body preserving health Instrument uses the flow of electronic pulse to promote the circulation of blood . It can remove the blockage of blood vessel to ease the pain. And together with the heat of infrared rays which helps the absorption of nutrients to improve the sub health problem fundamentally.

1. Lifting Probe: This probe is used for the area around eyes .it can lift the skin around eyes with micro electricity and active the cells .Remove the eye bag and whiten skin.
2. Massage probe: It can make the nutrients enter our body directly by using the heat of infrared rays.By raising the temperature of the part it effects to Make better absorption of the product. This is the most effect way to complement energy of internal organs, improve the sub health condition, and prevent illness keep you stay in health.
3.De-toxin probe: It can be used in every part of our body. It has the function of clearing residing blockages in lymph quickly, promoting the toxin metabolism and relief pain. Such as the pain (backache, periarthritis and Waist-Leg weakness) caused by blood blockage.
4. Electro Stimulation: it can be used on all parts of our body. With the function of accelerating the circulation of blood , regulating the function of internal organs, relaxing muscle and easing spasm.

Voltage: 100V-120V, 220V-240V.

Packaging Details:
Approx. Measurement: 53X40X23 CM
Approx. Gross Weight: 7.5KG


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