N-210 Thermal Sterilizer beauty Machine for salon use or home use

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N-210 Thermal Sterilizer beauty Machine for salon use or home use

WHAT is Dry Heat Sterilizer ?
Dry heat hot air sterilizer generally involves placing an item to be sterilized inside an oven or heat chamber, and heating it until it is warmed all the way through. This process usually kills infectious organisms. It is is suitable for use by Home Users & in beauty salons and spas but is also great for nail technicians, mobile therapists & students. This item could heat up to 200 cellius degress. The first advantage of using it is metal tools and instruments will not rust, allowing these tools and instruments to last much longer. Other advantages include less pitting and dulling of sharps, and no drying time is required.

The Dry Heat Sterilizer is suitable for Metal:
Metal Dental care tools; Metal Manicure tools; Metal Pedicure tools;
Metal Make-up tools; Metal Hair cutting tools; Metal Medical tools.

Dry Heat hot air Sterilization
High Temprature up to 200°C
Time adjustable
Temprature adjustable
Stainless steel construction
Easy to use
Maintenance free
Wholesale dry heat sterilizer, factory price.

Name: Hot Air Sterilizer for Spa Salon Clinic
Measures (main machine): 31 x 18 x 19 cm
Measures (inside): 25 x 12 x 5 cm
Measures (Tray): 24.3 x 11.3 x 2.7cm
Internal Volume: 1.5 L
Timer: 120 minutes Adjustable
Temperature: 20-200°C Adjustable
Voltage:100V-120V/60Hz or 220V-240V/50Hz
Power: 300 Watts
Package Size: 38*26*25 CM
Gross Weight: 4.20 KGS.

Package Includes:
1 x Dry Heat hot air Sterilizer
1 x Metal Tray
2 x Pick-up rings
1 x Power Line
1 x English Manual


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