N-3000 Professional electric muscle stimulator with far infrared heaters physiotherapy equipment


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N-3000 Professional electric muscle stimulator with far infrared heaters physiotherapy equipment

Introduction :
♥ Health weight loss: physical therapy apparatus
♥ Technology: 3 function in one, far infrared, micro current, acupuncture
♥ High-end EMS fitness machine, 8’LCD touch screen
♥ Advantage: our factory unique design, with clinical experience, also will be your unique choose
♥ Muscle electro stimulator for massage , Dredges the channels and collaterals,
♥ promotion blood circulation and detox.
♥10 years history beauty equipment factory

EMS/micro current +far infrared + acupuncture

How is works
1) The electrodes placed on your body, will transit computer, controlled waveforms, stimulating your selected muscle groups. This creates a huge energy demand on your muscles so surrounding fat will be burned for energy.
It also agitates the fat cells for toxin release and cellulite reduction.
2) Pads with infrared function together, improve the blood and micro circulation, infrared warm function can stimulate the metabolism, drain out the decompose fat cells, and the unwant substance.
3) Acupuncture pads:open acupuncture points, do lymphatic drainage, body massage, relaxing.

1. Electric muscle stimulator breaks up fat and strengthens, tones and firms abdominals, glutes, legs arms and handles.
2. weight loss, inch loss, muscle toning.
3. Improved circulation, toxin elimination increased metabolism and lymph drainage
4. Speeds up the repair of muscle fibres and remove lactic acid, drastically reducing muscle soreness
5. One 60 minutes session can burn up to 1,500 calories
6. Skin tightening and puffiness relief
7. Water retention and puffiness relief
8. Reduce cellulite, firms and tones your body
9. Enhances well-being, relieves muscular pains

1. It is a comprehensive function machine
2. Easy to operate, adjustable pulse, obvious effects.
3. Without the need of surgery and anesthesia.
4. Doesn’t cause the phenomenon of bleeding , swelling and blood stasis.
5. Without side effects and the risk of gaining the weight back .
6. Woundless, will not influence the normal work and life.
7. It is a powerful, safe and painless alternative to surgey or drugs, no downtime.
8. The treatment is pleasant and relaxing
9.After a session will full of energy and invigorated.
10. No bruise and is non-invasive

After you finished the treatment , your muscle will felling a little pain ,like after you finish doing fitness or running , that’s very comfortable and relaxing

1. with 10 groups of electro pads with infrared, 10 groups of acupuncture pads
2. 8 varieties of independent waveforms of low frequency to enable muscle do different forms of exercise
3. Due to excellent circuit board, all the pads can keep working with max engergy for a long time without any pad out of control
4. Factory have produce over 10 years, technical and quality are stably
5. After sales feedback showing: can working at least over 5 years without any problems
6.Temperature control alone
7. 8’LCD touch screen, 10 groups pads can control alone, also can working at the same time.


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