N-S07 Salon beauty equipment vacuum cavitation RF slimming machine

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N-S07 Salon beauty equipment vacuum cavitation RF slimming machine

Multifunctionl beauty machine, mainly for facial skin cleaning and care,using ultrasonic and ion cleaning principle, is necessary for beauty equipment using on beauty products.

Principle of ultrasound
Ultrasonic wave is the mechanical vibration wave which is more than 20,000 Hertz, and the vibration wave is mechanical, thermal and chemical.
Ultrasound cosmetology is used to penetrate the body and face to achieve weight loss and absorb and improve skin quality by using ultrasonic penetrating force and deep subcutaneous 4 ~ 6 mm.

The effect of ion electroosmosis therapy
1.High enrichment surfactant can penetrate into the skin.
2.Improve the hard skin absorption.
3.Promote the blood and lymph circulation
4.Promoting the repair of the skin.
5.Promote the aging of skin and body eduction.
6.Remove sebum and keratin hair follicles.
7.To prevent the pigmentation and whitening effect.

The necessity of ion cleaning
There are many kinds of active metal ions in our skin, when ultraviolet radiation, environmental pollution and life or work pressure and other factors will activate the natural metal ions, they will in the stimulus will produce a substance called tyrosinase, which is to stimulate the formation of melanin cells.

Skin Scrubber
It removes dead skin cells, smooth wrinkles, treats pimples and clears the complexion. Miscrubber technology uses ultrasonic waves to shake loose dead skin cells, it also create heat and vibration to give a pleasant massage which will drive creams and ampoules into the skin.

Hydrogen Oxygen( H2-O2) Spray Gun
Combining with essence , the instrument produces oxy-hydrogen, which can be quickly penetrated into the dermis through high pressure injection.

9-polar RF (Radio frequency)
Improves fine lines on the eyes, enhances firmness, and brightens eyes,Face lifting / Skin tightening/ Wrinkle smoothing / Face contouring.

Vacuum RF
This part pertinently deliver bio thermal energy by transforming high frequency energy(0.3MHz/0.5MHz); recover cell functions,increase blood circulation,degrade fats,normalize hormone balance by inducing expansion of blood vessels and elevating temperature of tissue;promote revitalization of collagen by stimulating ;it is a cutting edge device that heals the balance of the face and body.


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