N-S101 Face lifting 7 in 1 Monopolar 5MHZ portable rf radio frequency machine


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N-S101 Face lifting 7 in 1 Monopolar 5MHZ portable rf radio frequency machine

Clinical practice has proved that RF can effectively compact and regenerate skin. Using the unique deep-heating technology (radio frequency plasma technology), it can active the deep collagen and promote new growing of collagen, to fill collagen contraction and vacancy loss, thus to tighten skin and recover skin elasticity.

1. Lift and firm skin,dispel wrinkle,eye bag
2. Whiten and tender skin
3. Control acne,shrinken pores
4. Make up eater,sculpture face shape
5. Treat pain, .lymph drainage physical therapy
6. Enhance chest shape, breast-beautifying and chest- strengthening
7. Arm, waist, abdomen, leg, pregnancy line, loose-skin tightening
8. Weight loss, slim body,and remove fat.
9. Beautify breast keep it lift,and lift it.
10. Improves blood& lymph circulation and skin texture

1. Safety switch: it controls emergency pause to prevent over heating and inducint accident.
2. Rf system:1MHz or 1.2MHz for choice, advance effect of therapy.
3. RF frequency system:1MHz or 1.2MHz for choice, aim at different treated parts.
4. LCD digital control system: adjust frequency and time, very simple and convenient.
5. has clinical experience ,long result for skin tightening

The theory of monopolar rf radio frequency machine
Monopolar RF takes that epidermis balances normal temperature, RF electric wave produces heat into deep skin as nuclear technique, based on assurement of skin comfortable, harmless, it uses RF electric wave to produce heat exchange, precisely attains skin deep, stimulates inner ion of body, colloid granule with electricity will be forced rapid movement, vibration or attrition, then produce heat energy. At same time, under effect of polarized molecule resonance, it heats collagen tissue of dermis layer. When deep collagen tissue is heated up to 45℃-60℃, it will naturally produce instant shrinking, stimulate to excrete much new collagen to make up interspace of the shrinking or lost collagen protein, and make them rearray, rebuilt skin soft bracket, finally get tight skin, remove wrinkle, recover skin elasticity and luster.

The feature of rf radio frequency machine
1. Immediate effect: immediate collagen contraction, skin firming, such as: Face Lift
2. Long-term effects: reconstruction and new collagen protein, such as: wrinkle reduction and shallow,skin smooth and elastic, appear younger state.
3. High safety, good maneuverability.
4. Work probes can be used unlimited in work life, low cost of treatment.
5. It can automatically control the release of energy, and the energy release rate can be debugged.When treatment, the treatment head can leave the skin without damaging the skin.
6. The operating frequency of the instrument has no excitement and stimulation on the nerves, muscles.
7. High power output, can be a large area of treatment, large, medium and small 6 treatment head can be different for different parts of the selection.
8. High energy, quick effect.
9. In operation without adding anesthetic, because the probe in the treatment of dermal and dermal below, can protect the epidermis skin.
10. In the treatment, relying on wave resistance is formed in the skin to produce the effect of heat, without the need for cooling medium.


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