N-W02 5 in 1 Aqua peeling hydro facial salon beauty equipment

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N-W02 5 in 1 Aqua peeling hydro facial salon beauty equipment

1 Water-oxygen atomization pressure: 6kg
2 Wet standing vacuum flow: 30L
3 Quantity of wet standing bottle: Type A, Type B, Type C
4 Wet standing head: 8 pcs soft heads, 4 pcs hard heads
5 Cold hammer temperature: 0-5 ℃
6 Ultrasonic frequency: 1 MHz
7 Display: 10.4 inch LCD Touch Screen
8 Bipolar & Quadrupole frequency: 1.5 MHz

Blackhead Acne
Pouch Removal
Skin whitening

Ultrasonic theory
Ultrasonic, with the frequency of 1-3 million times per second, with the process to betransmitted to the body, is absorbed by epidermis dermis subcutaneous tissue, the absorption of ultrasonic waves is converted into thermal energy, thermal effects of ultrasound, the living tissue temperature increased slightly 0.5-1 ℃, promote capillary function and fine inter cellular lymph flow, helps transport nutrients to the cells needed for blood vessels, promote metabolism and to assist the flow of lymph, maintain healthy skin. Maintain skin elasticity/ break down fat and prevent obesity. 1 million vibrations per second ultrasound, when the wave is transferred to the organization, with the ultrasonic vibrations stimulate biological tissue and skin tissue, relieve tension, to maintain skin elasticity. Heated generated by vibration can make it easier to break down fat and help prevent obesity.

RF theory
The multi-polar RF delivering thermal energy into the subcutaneous tissue makes the tissue’s natural resistance movement produce heat, the heated collagen shrink immediately and simulate dermal layer to excrete more collagen to make up for contraction and draining collagen, thus to hold the bracket of the skin, recover skin elasticity. When the collagen are produced continuously, it will increase the thickness and density of the dermal layer, fill wrinkles, eliminate scars, recover skin elasticity and gloss, making the skin white and smooth. With the regeneration and rearranging of the collagen, the skin soft supports are presented, wrinkle are filled, sagging skin become full, tight and elastic.

Spray Water Oxygen
Using the advanced PSA ( pressure swing adsorption principle ), at room temperature, power, instantaneous separation from the air can be continuously high concentrations and clean sterile medical oxygen, while achieving oxygen, Oxygen and oxygen atomizing spray three functions into one, comprehensive and thorough solution the body, the skin hypoxia problem. The activity of 98% of oxygen and nutrients essential to promote through pulse-type deep into the skin, effectively Accelerated into cellular metabolism. Instant recovery healthy skin, moisturize and shine.

Cooling Hammer
The cold treatment function is specially designed for calming down the skin after cleaning. The skin is sensitive after the treatment, so the cold treatment procures is necessary.

water Dermabrasion
This beauty equipment provided a non-surgical skin refinish procedure, by using sterile diamond heads to abrade or rub off the top skin layer, then vacuuming out the particles along with any dirt and dead skin backup.


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