N-W200 High pressure water oxygen jet peel hydro dermabrasion


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N-W200 High pressure water oxygen jet peel hydro dermabrasion

MINI oxygen facial machine

1, Hydrodermabrasion facial cleaning
The water & oxygen jet facial machine uses oxygen under extreme pressure and water, takes tiny water drops, through spray-type to act on skin. It can penetrate nutrient components to pores and cracks of skin from the epidermis to dermis layer, then promote rebirth of cells, rapidly and directly supply rich nutrient for skin. Simultaneously, it can clear deep dirt in epidermis. Oxygen of extreme pressure and nutrient liquid can stimulate the rebirth of fiber tissue in dermis, make cells metabolism. So as to improve skin dark, yellow, chloasma, get good effect of wrinkle removal, skin rejuvenation and etc.

It can treat :Blackhead Acne, Stain, Pouch Removal, Dried-up, Wrinkle, Forehead, Moisturizing, Rough, Dull, Loose, Skin whitening.

1. Hydrodermabrasion facial cleaning
The hydra dermabrasion, also called Wet dermabrasion, Water dermabrasion, is the same process of exfoliation. However, instead of crystals hitting the skin with pressure, the machine uses a diamond head tip that exfoliates as the tip across the skin. The machine also uses special serums that are being pushed into the deeper layers of the skin while the exfoliation process is going on. So patients will experience both suction, exfoliation, and wetness from the serums

Function skin rejuvenation,wrinkle removal,facial cleaning,facial peeling,skin tightening,lifting,acne treatment
Hydro facial tips 4 different size tips
Voltage AC110V/220V 50-60Hz
Photon light 7 colors
The power of the machine 12V, 3A, 36W
Vacuum intensity 6L


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