Oxygen therapy maltifaction facial beauty machine VB273


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Product parameter
Product name oxygen therapy maltifaction facial beauty machine
Vacuum ≥100Kpa
Max output 250VA
Voltage 100-240V
Touch screen 10.4inch
Technology micro-current + vacuum + photon light + spray gun
Function skin rejuvenation
Package size 66*49*120cm
Net weight 35kg
Warranty 12 months

Main function
1. Reduce acne.
2. Remove blackheads.
3. Deep cleaning.
4. Reduce wrinkle.
5. Skin rejuvenation.
6. Increase skin elasticity.
7. Anti-aging.

1. One machine with multiple function.
2. Non-invasive.
3. Easy operation with simple interface.
4. Suitable for nearly all skin types.
5. Photon light with 7 light mode.
(red, green, blue, red+green, red+blue, green+blue, red+green+blue)

Attention matters
1. Never touch the machine with damp or wet hands or feet.
2. Never expose the unit to too high(>40℃) nor too low temperature(<5℃).
3. Do not expose the unit to direct sunshine.
4. Do not cover or block the ventilator behind the unit.
5. The machine will pause automatically when the treatment time is over.

Taboos people
1. People who have fever.
2. Who with infectious diseases, acute diseases.
3. People with heart disease.
4. People with configured cardiac pacemaker inside.
5. Patients with high blood pressure.
6. People with tumor disease, asthma.
7. People with hemorrhagic disease, trauma.
8. Who with skin inflammation and skin disease.
9. Pregnant women.
10. Who during menstrual period.
People with an abnormal immune system.