PDT-001 Facial beauty instrument PDT beauty machine 5 light skin care instrument for beauty salon


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PDT-001 Facial beauty instrument PDT beauty machine 5 light skin care instrument for beauty salon

1)The Operating Principle of Beauty treatment
The products produced by the high-tech chip high purity narrow spectrum light mitochondrial gene, acting on the cell “lung”, a photochemical reaction of enzymatic reaction, increase peroxidase as cell “guards” and “cleaner” and the decomposition of superoxide intensified enzyme activity increase cellular energy source of ATP, increase glycogen and protein content, in order to promote the metabolism of cell. stimulates fibroblast rearranged, forming block and eliminate melanin, so as to achieve the effect of whiten, remove freckle, acne, wrinkles and skin rejuvenation.

2)The Operating Principleof sub-health
Red light has strong penetration power, light pressure effect to tissue, photochemical effect and physiological function, can activate the red blood cells and white blood cells, improve microcirculation, regulation of the endocrine, stimulate the natural secretion of melatonin in pineal gland. Gently to the nerve endings to thermal stimulation and reduced five HT in local tissue, release muscle connective tissue adhesion, relieve spasm, so as to help sleep, relieve neck and waist strain and pain and bactericidal anti-inflammatory effect

3) Treatment
1,Eliminate fatigue, relaxing, insomnia treatment .
2,Dark circles, eyes bags caused by lack of sleep
3, Dermal patches, freckles, sunburn, color Pigmentation etc. caused by sun damage and
aging facial defects, .
4, Skin allergies, acne, folliculitis, acne .
5, Wrinkles, fine lines, skin relaxation.
6,Repair in large pores, rough skin, dark skin, damaged skin.
7, Improve facial nerve numbness, stiffness and spasm.
8, Anti-inflammatory, pain, swelling, accelerate the healing of wounds and ulcers.
9, Alopecia, seborrheic alopecia, shingles, dermatitis, eczema, wet wart, skin Itching parts
10, Cervical spondylosis, frozen shoulder, lumbar muscle strain, soft tissue injury,
prostatitis, chronic gastritis, crown Heart disease, ischemic heart disease, myocardial
infarction rehabilitation of mastitis and hyperplasia, pelvic inflammatory disease,
operation incision., early burn wound..

Known as the “magic light” is a bioactive photodynamic cold, no heat, Adjustable light technology for skin care treatment, with natural temperature, significant effect, low risk, no side effects and other characteristics, is a skin care specialist, applicable to all types of skin nature, especially for severe allergic skin, acne on the skin and has a
remarkable rehabilitation of sub-health prevention efficacy.

Photodynamic therapy is a new technology of maintenance and treatment of skin by using dynamic light, the light energy transform into energy within cells, accelerate cell growth and blood circulation, stimulate fiber cells and produce collagen, increase skin elasticity, has the repairing for aging skin, acne skin, fade spots, plays important role in enhancing the compaction, ease the sun burns skin and so on nursing.

Treatment: Effect
1,Reduce freckles, sunburn, pigmentation, reduce solar skin injury
2, Treatment of acne, folliculitis, acne
3,Reduce acne rosacea erythema and telangiectasia
4,Smooth wrinkles, tighten skin
5,Shrink pores, improve rough skin
6,Metabolic adverse, poor circulation of the dark skin, dull skin
7, Eliminate fatigue, relaxing, improve sleep
8, Dander, hair follicle recession alopecia
9, Recovery of facial nerve lesion.
10, Repair damaged skin


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