Portable butt lifting vacuum therapy machine buttocks cupping scraping breast enhancement machine VB046

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Portable Vacuum Breast Enlarging Machine

Product Parameter
Product name Portable Vacuum Breast Enlarging Machine
Model number VB046
Technology Vacuum
Type Desktop
Cup quantity 30 cups + 3 metal heads
Operating voltage AC100V-240V
Product size 25.3*25.3*16cm
Package size 40*34*35cm
Net weight 1.91kg
Gross weight 4.85kg

Working Principle
Vacuum cupping: Automatic suction and release, with 30 cups and 3 metal heads of different sizes to perform physical massage on different body parts to dredge meridians, promote blood circulation and lymphatic detox, remove fat, relax muscles and relieve fatigue by scraping and cupping; with particular cups to mainly enlarge breasts and hips, reduce sagging, enhance elasticity, firmness and roundness.

Product Features
1. 30 cups + 3 metal heads —— of different sizes and shapes.
2. Various treatment areas —— face, breasts, hips, waist, back, etc.
3. Adjustable intensity —— for individual needs and tolerance.
4. Multiple functions —— breast enlarging, butt lifting, cupping, scrapping, etc.
5. 3 modes optional —— meeting different personal preference.
6. Small and light —— cost-saving, convenient to use and store.

Main Functions
Enlarge breasts
Lift buttocks
Cupping & scraping
Increase skin elasticity
Promote lymphatic detox
Massage body
Relieve fatigue
Relax muscles
Reduce fat
Prevent disease
Tighten skin