Portable RF Beauty Device For Body Shaping, Face Lifting, Eyes Wrinkle Remover VBJ05D

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Strong increase in blood flow: capillary blood flow increased 4-5 times in purified oxygen metabolites, increased nutrients, antibodies, white blood cells and lymph circulation.
Reduce pain: relieve the contact area or around the nerve pain and congestion when using thermal probe, reduce the pain of muscle, ligament and tissue organization.
Make the muscle spasms relax:reduce the motor nerve fibers and relax muscle spasms.
Anti-wrinkle and improve flabby skin : non-invasive to open cells channel , absorb nutrition, participate in cells metabolism, promote cells rebirth.

1. cold hammer:skin cooling,Shrink pores
2. Bipolar RF Head: black circles and fine lines removal
3. Facial RF Head:Face massage lifting
4. Body RF Head: Body slimming, body shaping, fat reduction, to promote and accelerate the body’s metabolism

Ambient temperature:-5℃—50℃;
Relative Humidity:20%—90%(Non-Clean condensate )
Power Specifications:220V±10%,50Hz±
(AC input ):110V±10%,60Hz
Power :200W