6 in 1 ice roller micro needle derma roller

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1. The new six-in-one consists of an ice roller, a 1.0mm needle 720 needles, a 0.5mm needle 300 needles, a 2.0mm 12 needles and a new set of + sterilizers.
2. The new set of micro-needles mainly highlight the role of an ice roller, with the role of ice roller ice, ice compress, red blood, do micro-needle after the detumescence, water, massage and other functions, need to put the ice wheel into the refrigerator for about 10 minutes before use, you can take out to use
3. 720 needles can be used for facial and skin treatment for body parts.
4. 300 needles can be used for skin treatment in eyes and small areas.
5. 12 needle can be used for the treatment of local skin.
6. clean face brush can be used for skin cleaning before nursing.
7. the net weight of a product is 260g.

Feature: Anti-Hair Removal, Anti-Puffiness, Blood Vessels Removal, Breast Enhancers, Cellulite Reduction, Dark Circles, Moisturizer, Pigment Removal, Skin Rejuvenation, Weight Loss, Whitening, Wrinkle Remover

Needle size – used for
12 Needles 2.0mm For scar
300 Needles 0.5mm For use on Eye
720 Needles 1.0mm For use on Face
Ice roller
Wash Face with brush
Sterilizing box

Ice Roller is a handheld device that has a water and gel filled rolling head that can be effectively frozen in the freezer. It can be used at any place and any time to release pain and discomfort instantly. SkinCool Ice Roller can be also used daily to revitalize, refresh and rejuvenate the skin. It is a simple and easy device that makes your life convenient without melting ice.
Use Ice Roller before and after cosmetic procedures. It minimizes discomforts, irritation, and redness.
Use Ice Roller on your face, neck and chest every morning (Ice Cube Facials). Your face will look revitalized and young. It also prevents wrinkle formation and lifts your face.
Use Ice Roller on your eyes when you feel fatigue. It refreshes.
Roll over any part of your body for instant pain relief. It is a MUST HAVE item at home for minor injury, burn and insect bites without making mess with melted ice.
After shaving, using Ice Roller will calm and soothe your skin.

How To Use
Keep Ice Roller in your freezer at all times. Roll the frozen rolling head every morning and massage your face for 5 minutes. You will look refreshed and vibrant.
When you are tired, put the ice roller (frozen) on your eyes and relax for a minute. You will feel refreshed.
Use the ice roller after shaving to prevent irritation and redness.
After a work-out, roll ice roller on the sore muscles (ice massage).
Use Ice Roller for headache.

Roller:720/300/12 needles
Needle Material:Stainless Steel/titanium alloy
Handle Material:100% Medical PC
Function:derma stamp + silicone brush+ice roller
Handle Color:White/Grey
Roller Color:Purple/Black

12 Needles 2.0mm For scar
300 Needles 0.5mm For use on Eye
720 Needles 1.0mm For use on Face
Ice roller For use on Face

When using different kinds of needle?
The 2.5mm/3.0mm-size needles can remove wrinkles, body extension scars and burning scars.
The 2.0mm-size needles can remove small injury scars, wrinkles around the eyes and acne scars.
The 1.00mm/1.5mm-size needles can remove wrinkles and pigmentations on the skin.
The 0.5mm/0.75mm-size needles can help build beautiful & healthy skin, and prevent hair loss.
The 0.2mm/0.25mm/0.3mm-size needles are perfect for cosmetics application

Increased penetration of substances.
Thickening of the epidermis due to the collagenesis
Smooths wrinkles, lines, folds and crow`s feet
Improves texture and large pores of the facial skin
Reduces the appearance of acne scars
Improving of scars caused by chicken pox
Repairs and fill old scars
Improves the appearance of stretch marks from pregnancy or weight loss and cellulite
Induces the absortion of products for hair loss treatment
Improves the appearance of hyperpigmentation spots

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