Hydra Roller for Microneedeling

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Hydra Roller 192 pins Titanium Microneedle Automatic Hydra Needle Derma Roller 192 Gold Tips microneedles Roller 0.25mm

Material: Plastic, Titanium Alloy
Needle length:0.25mm
Needle number:192 pin
Bottle material:Glass
Weight: 40g
Size: 7.7cm x 2.6cm
Color: As Shown

Super Easy to Use
Replenish and Rejuvenates Skin
Anti-Aging Effects; Removes Wrinkle, and Freckle
Comes with a Roller; Plays a Massage Effect
Coupling Type of Needle and Solution
No Needle Corrosion
Portable and Lightweight
0.25mm High Grade Titanium Needles
No Side Effect, No Allergies, Safe for Use

1, the lack of skin elasticity, wrinkles trouble.
2, dark skin, black skin.
3, every season, the skin will be dry and rough.
4, hope to have a bright shiny skin moist and healthy people.
5, skin damage. Continue treatment and repair.
6, sensitive and fragile, easy to have a burning sensation skin.
7, loss of elasticity, loss of luster, wrinkled skin.
8, large pores, acne pox pits, excessive skin pigmentation.

Application of Hydra Roller
1.Stretch marks
2.Acne- and surgical scars
3.Wrinkles and anti-aging
4.Ice pick- and chickenpox scars
5.Treating or reducing cellulite
6.Enlarged pores
7.Lack of firmnes
8.Age spots & sun damage
9.Under-eye bags
10.Hair loss
11.Hyper pigmentation

1. Combined derma roller and nutrition liquid importing.
2. 3D design, the serum will continuously and automatically import while rolling, and will be quickly penetrate and effectively absorb through the number of fine pipes which made by derma roller.
3. 80% absorbing rate, deep into the dermis, the skin bottom.
4.Estabilish multitudes of skin channels quickly, will make 200,000 micro pores in skin within 5 minutes.
5.Safe and multiple application, no hurt, no pain,no scare, the dia. if the micro needle is less than 0.002um, much more smaller than the skin pore.
6. Eliminate the toxins and stains deep into the skin, clean and whiten the skin, desalinate the color spot, reduce the black eye rim.
7. Stimulate the skin recovery ability, can add about 8% thickness of the skin, stimulate the ossein proliferation, promote the skin metabolism and organization, improve the skin elasticity and tightness.
8. Activate the cells, repair the injured organs ,promote the collagen creating, help to reduce the wrinkles, skin lifting, anti-aging, improve the skin scar and pregnancy veins problem.
9. Improve alopecia, bottle nose, home nurses.
10 Wide application, all liquid used for skin painting can be used by the micro needles derma roller.
11. Convenient operation, remarkable effect.
12. Two national patens.

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