Micro Needling Pen Permanent Eyebrow Tattoo Kit Micropigmentation Device V6

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Highlights & Key facts
1. 10 speeds level
2. Touch screen
3. Equipped with 2 intelligent hand-piece
4. 5 in 1 modes
5. Accurate needle size
6. Stable performance
7. Desktop machine
8. Powerful hand-piece
9. Maximum needle depth is 3.0mm
10. Low noise
11. Low vibration

Competitive advantage
1. Low MOQ
2. Wide Varieties
3. Competitive price
4. Prompt delivery day
5. Sample order welcome
6. OEM welcome

Advantage of Artmex V6
1. Artmext V6 adopt the newest technology to control the vibration of speed and the needle length. It can get a better treatment result according to different skin problems and it`s more comfortable when you use it on face.
2. 10 different vibration speeds. 0.2mm-3.0mm adjustable needle length(Adjust different vibration speed and needle length according to different treatment purpose will highly improved the treatment result.
3. Auto microneedle therapy system which could treat even narrow area. Such as eyebrow,small scar,deep wrinkle around eyes,nose…
4.Safe & Sanitary & Economy
The needles are consumable type. You can interchange the needle cartridge for each clients. Each needle can be used for 4-6 times according to treatment. Buy countless cosmetics? None will reverse elastin loss. Why? Because only less 10% nutrition of skincare product was absorbed.

PMU and MTS instruction

Micro needle Therapy System(MTS)
MTS helps medical supplies be absorbed to skin by irrtating.
-Skin tightening, Lifting, Rejuvenation
-Cure acne scar & wound healing
-Improve wrinkles and fine lines

Permanent Make Up System(PMU)
PUM marks the color pigments inhale into the needle by injection them to skin by a black-and-forth motion.
-Lip tattooing(out line and full lip)
-Eyebrow tattooing (Can make very thin )
-Eyeliner tattooing



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