Computerized UIC Slimming System | EMS Slimming Machine For Salon

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NV-3000 Computerized UIC Slimming System Computerized UIC Slimming System loss weight machine NV-3000

1.Functions :
*Computer controlled with pre-installed programs, LCD display. 12 outputs, 10 programs present. Specially designed to aid in slimming, firming and lymph drainage with intensity control for each output. Parts include: 24 large pads for body use and lymph drainage, and elastic bands to hold the pads in place.
*With Infrared System

2. Parameters:
Output 12
Program 10
bandage 10 pcs (2 long ,4 medium ,4 short)

3. Packaging Details :
Item NO. NV-3000
Voltage 100V-120V, 220V-240V.
Frequency 50Hz-60Hz.
Power 13.5 Watt
Measurement 52*52*34 cm
Gross Weight 8.0 KGS


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