NV-V400 Wrinkle removal, face lifting, Fractioanl RF machine

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Cheaper fractional rf machine , home use salon use fractional rf
Treatment programs:
1-Facial Mesotherapy: Sculptures face and chin curve contour, to reconcile skin texture and feel body.
2-Sculpting:Firming sagging loose skin of te upper arm; improve stretch
3-Marks eye skin rejuvenation: Slow down the sagging of the eyelids, fade away crow’s feet and eye fine lines.

What is Fractional RF?
Fractional Radio Frequency System is a ideal technology for skin rejuvenation by applying precisely controlled RF energy directly into a certain depth of dermis.
Fractional RF system groundbreakingly frequency 6,000,000 Hertz unipolar RF energy into the deep skin layer of reticular fibers, producingn heating effects up to 75 celsius degree, stimulating collagen hyperplasia, rebuild collagen line, pulling to tighten in the dermis, creating toning effects, so as to firming and skin rejuvenation.

Fractional RF beauty equipment has adopted advanced fractional bipolar Radio Frequency technology, creating a new fashion in beauty industry. Using the unique innovative intelligent smart skin platform and lattice probe, the fraction RF will generate proper proportion of thermal effects, to heat deep skin extensively, promote col agen contraction, tighten skin, and reduce cel ulite.
Individualized treatment programs can be set as per customer’s different demands, such as skin texture and gloss improvement, deep pigment removal and skin lesions treatment. RF treatment is non-surgical, no chemical deep penetration, which can whiten and tighten skin more comfortably.
Fractional RF is mainly used to treat sagging and loose skin, severe wrinkles, rough and aging skin, large pores, pigmentation precipitation, acne, acne scars etc. It can effectively improve eye area, face, neck and reshape the face.

Item NO. NV-v400
Voltage 100V-120V, 220V-240V.
Frequency 50Hz-60Hz.
Power 160 Watt
Measurement 42*42*31CM
Gross Weight 12 KGS


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